Hello everyone!  I am back!  Just getting back in the swing of things and trying to be organized.  Speaking of organized, I am embarking on a small series called Scraproom Organization.  This is where I am reorganizing some of my scrap goodies and making it work for me.  I decided to film it and take you along with me, so I hope you enjoy the videos, which there will be one a week going up on Sundays.

The reason why I am doing this is because to us scrapbookers, our scraprooms are where we do a lot of creating, memory keeping, and for some film our process videos.  I wanted my space to be more accessible for when I am creating and also organized.  While I was in school it became such a huge mess, which is not like me to do and I was not wanting to create in it.

So join me on this journey and I hope we can inspire each other and add some ideas or how you keep your scrap goodies organized.  See intro video below!

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