Looking for that perfect container can be a little tricky because you want it to work for what ever you are going to be using it for. Sometimes we get these storage containers that are great and other times they are not what you were hoping they would be nor do they work for what you intending it for. Well I went to Michaels and got a great deal on containers! They were 70% off at the time and so I got some of the containers that I really wanted.   There are other places like The Dollar Store, The Container Store, Target, and even Wall-Mart. So there is a short list of where you can go to get a good bargain!

Here is a video showing you what I just happen to get at Michaels. Enjoy!



Hello everyone!  I am back!  Just getting back in the swing of things and trying to be organized.  Speaking of organized, I am embarking on a small series called Scraproom Organization.  This is where I am reorganizing some of my scrap goodies and making it work for me.  I decided to film it and take you along with me, so I hope you enjoy the videos, which there will be one a week going up on Sundays.

The reason why I am doing this is because to us scrapbookers, our scraprooms are where we do a lot of creating, memory keeping, and for some film our process videos.  I wanted my space to be more accessible for when I am creating and also organized.  While I was in school it became such a huge mess, which is not like me to do and I was not wanting to create in it.

So join me on this journey and I hope we can inspire each other and add some ideas or how you keep your scrap goodies organized.  See intro video below!