Have you ever had good intentions on using a planner or calendar?  when you purchased this cherished compiled bunch of papers with dates and pretty designs then regret buying it because you never used it?  Well, I did many many many times over and boy I can tell you I wasted a large of amount of $$$$ doing so.

After being frustrated about the issue of having a planner I looked at video after video of planners and how I can be more consistent on using mine.  I even thought that if I decorated it, I would use it! NOT!

I wanted to give up and go digital planning, BUT I just happen to see a video of a Bullet Journal? What is a Bullet Journal?…and yes I am using caps here.  Well it is a rapid logging system designed to keep you on track with your planning and task.  WHAT?!  Yes!  I found my planner!  Funny thing is my youngest daughter has been doing a form of this planning since she was in junior high!  Why didn’t I notice that? Well me being the adult and all I thought I was more mature and blah blah blah.

You have to check out the video, I am doing a flip through of my very first and definitely not last Bullet Journal and the tools that I use, so check it out!

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