I am so happy to back in the scrapbooking world!  There has been some REAL challenges in my life and I had to get to work and handle them quickly. Boy! Glad that’s over and hopefully everything goes smoothly from now on.

Now to get on with some updates and stuff.  Of course my new blog and the reason why a new blog is needed.  I needed a blog that was going to work and be easy to handle in order to keep me motivated to blog.  After switching to WordPress, I have been super excited and very happy with the results of my blog and the way it operates.

Better for my promoting my videos and other Design Team related stuff!

Also, for other surprises coming soon…well hopefully soon. It looks like an extension is in the works again…man I tell you nothing works the way you want it too!

Enjoy the video below and be sure to post any questions below.

Happy to have you and I hope you enjoy what is to come!

See again soon!

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